When the air was filled with cold rain and damp smoke, the sky was like an ink painting of grapes. And the rain, not big or small, dragged on from day to day.

Hanoi-North Vietnam begins a seasonal cycle with such dates. I always remember the feeling at that time, I was like a dry, cracked winter house – One morning I was suddenly filled with a belly full of water, The house slippers or the bathroom can’t be distinguished, the Nom season has been rudely striped straight in ever since.

Then I heard people complain that clothes don’t dry forever. People worry about the expensive wooden floor made in the Western style but lack of heating, because it is a pity, but very expensive. People are heartbroken looking at the freshly painted wall just New Year, and soon it will be green moss and moldy with this weather. I also heard the sighs of the old moldy corners that no one looked at, smelling like old people…who were afraid to avoid. People regret that the dry winter is over,

Then, people remember the sun.

Only the tree in front of the house is happy because the young leaves are born…

People are bored and afraid of Nom like buying a house, buying land but encountering bad luck, breaking the ban. But strangely, people are willing to spend a bunch of money to solve the term, chase bad luck, town – keep the land. But the Nom season is very short. Said to be a season, but only a few weeks in a year. It ends as soon as people open their mouths to complain… If only the bad luck and bad luck in life would pass quickly, don’t haunt our house, our land. Are we helping so many problems, begging for good directions, good directions, inviting teachers, and partying. If only we could easily click our tongue and forget about the discomfort with the land, the house, such as heaven. Or if there are conditions to overcome, practice living adaptively, overcoming the weather in a different direction. For clothes to dry quickly, for the corner of the room to dry, for the moisture to stop outside the door. It doesn’t look like the trees around the house. So is the sand ferocious or what?