Est. 2022

RED33 Architecture was inspired by the toecap-shape tile, one of Vietnamese traditional designs that slopes exactly at 33◦ and retains a brick red color over time.

At RED33, we keep reflecting indigenous factors into modern design to create characterized space in which Vietnam’s architectural signatures coming under the spotlight.

Architect Dao Phuong Thao

Founder RED33 (2022)

Co-founder Iplus Architecture (2015)

Lead architect, senior adviser forming architectural style of various projects.

For Thao, architecture is a continuous expedition where self-reflection also matters as learning & practicing, in order to find the balance between how we expect the space should be and what we have got in hand. A truly good project should be a result of befitting creativity as well as fine execution.

With RED33, Thao would like to figure her own way among indigenous architects so that traditional designs could be successfully embedded in modern works.