◦ June. The 20th Year of the Lord 2023

◦ I sit in front of my work computer, enter the command lines- keyworld into the midjourney software window… the clock goes by minute by minute, and the pictures appear following my description of a space… As fast as a blink of an eye, not through a single sleepless night, not through the months of black and dusty hands, no need for my own thoughts, words, etc. , it’s taking my hand in creating surreal spaces. The pictures are printed every 5 seconds like transitions in a fantasy, I sit and wait, surprised, excited, surprised… but also dimly realize that something seems to be wrong- no, not really wrong- just not right.

I asked my colleague:

◦ – Does AI have feelings, do you know sadness?

– yes!

◦ – does it know fatigue or stress? Does it have depression?

◦ – t is not sure but it can learn, and perfect itself very quickly. Perhaps in the future it will also have human-like emotions.

Oh, so it’s human too, but it’s not made of this flesh. Surely it understands our needs?

◦ – Do they live in those spaces? – I pointed at the screen but I didn’t expect any more answers. My colleague doesn’t have a chip in his brain that can answer 10,000 of your assumptions in the blink of an eye.

◦ My colleague is a human being, I am also a human being. We are both architects who have spent many years learning and working to create living spaces. We all understand, as Humans, no one wants to live in a space that is another person’s needs. They live only in what they want-need. We draw spaces where we understand – people – and people with each other.

– [ ] I go back to my cv because I’m sure that right now, that fantasy-like space is not what I or my guests need right now.

– [ ] In my head, I thought…

– [ ] Do we lose our jobs in a close champion… is it possible?

– [ ] Then an AI person has a certain feeling, does it get tired when going home from work? Does it need to rest on a soft mattress? Do you need a hospital to heal these torn flesh and blood?, do you need a school? need a nursery,.. need the space to grow up and mature??

Are they really smart to understand this shared pain of organic existence? What if the world was left with only people smart enough to operate and AI coexist?

Or they will create a world by themselves // with our world, alien to us and will gradually become blind about our existence. Is AI the new theory of evolution?

– [ ] Just like there was a time before human memory existed…